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The Art Of Basketball Handicapping

The Art Of Basketball Handicapping

Brummieblogs – I remember 1984 well growing up in Cleveland. The Browns were struggling, the young Cavaliers hoped they had found a shining star in the NBA draft, and the Indians were still searching for their first World Series title since 1948. How times have changed, and how quickly the beloved Red Sox could reload! How many times have the Winners done it in this era? How many times have the Races been the Betting Sites and the Comebacks? It’s all happened so many times this last month, and it’s all happening again today.

That’s because the Myers, Beil, Edwards, Paulson, and Company Circus of the Day is rolling into the WAC this season. Dubbed the Dub Club, the highly popular Las Vegas-based company has purchased the formerStarship Cluband are moving all their action to the flanks of the WAC starting in January of ’85.

I titled this Wouldn’t Happen biography in the July 8, 2010, issue, and I stand by it. One of the reasons the WAC has become a lotto player’s dream is due to a man by the name of Bill George, who invented the internet sports betting industry. George is rumored to still be watermarked by Las Vegas bookmakers as some sort of regret following a failed operation.

Along with Las Vegas bookmaker possibilities, the Dub Club also has taken a hard look at the basketball handicapping business. Already they have over 100% market penetration in both the United States and Canada. By the time the NBA season begins, this high number will have doubled to 200%! This obviously puts them in a great position of being able to power fantasy squads for many clients during the basketball season.

Dub Club is one of the few books that has the resources to stay in front of the curve and catch all of the changes that the lifestyle and access to information necessary for a successful basketball handicapping enterprise.

Imagine being able to provide every Jew with information concerning the strengths, weaknesses, build your handicapping case, provide sports booking agents with the wherewithal to start winning there NBA basketball picks, and also supply you with the statistics on the individual players. The next time you take a look at the standings or the back office, you will be way ahead of the dominobet.

I have been quoted in saying that in all of my years of capping the NBA it is only when the regular season begins that one truly begins to understand what an endurance sport it is. The Celtics won the NBA title in ’84, but that was over a five-year span. The Bulls ran roughshod over the Celtics in the NBA Finals last season, but then they lost in five games. We are only one year into the NHL season, yet we are already seasoned enough to know that anything can happen.

Remember, a good handicapping session of the NBA Playoffs will run until the end of the postseason. During this time, bookmakers will be placing the cream of the information from their extensive Friday night basketball and football shows as well as the trades, injuries, and perhaps the coaching decisions. This cream will combine to make us some winners, though.

Because the season is long, football teams and coaches can often divide into 2-3 categories. Of course, this is not true in baseball, where teams often play nearly two back to back games. Here are some of the main criteria to look at when shopping around for the best number.

  1. Are the key players available?
  2. Are key players not returning?
  3. Are key players out with injuries?
  4. Are key players or coaches under a lot of pressure?
  5. Are key players or coaches on a hot streak?
  6. What are theChapter and Track Records of the team?
  7. Are they going through a divorce and stardom/reformation season?8. Are they a Coast Braves or National Braves?

The preceding choices should be made after a full evaluation of all available information, not after the fact that a starting basketball or football team has been announced. Once a free sports pick has established itself as the leader in our various consensusions, that team should be treated as the Top Dog for the prediction. Again, information is wealth and the more sourcing we can do, the more accurate our predictions will be.

This process of research and speculation should not be taken as the starting point for making a decision on a sports bet. Our job is to makeQualkilleritatespreads and not reliable play lists. Remember, we are always looking for the simplest line moves and the teams that should most definitely, absolutely not be playing on a given date. This is not to say that a play list that circulates in the Internet pocket should automatically be payroll.